Are There Geographical Restrictions?

The service is available to Canadian residents outside Quebec, leveraging the virtual nature of the consultations.

Is Information Secure During a Session?

Absolutely. Consultations are held over secure, encrypted channels, adhering to PIPEDA guidelines to protect the homeowner’s confidentiality.

What Equipment is Needed During A Session?

Participants require a mobile device with a camera and microphone, a stable internet connection, a flashlight, and must be physically present in their home.

How Does the Complimentary Offer Work?

How Does the Complimentary Offer Work? Receiving and Claiming the Offer: The homeowner will be provided with a link to the HomePorter offer landing page ( either via email or directly from their legal representative. This offer is valid until May 15th, 2024. Upon accessing the landing page, the homeowner will be required to complete […]

What is a Home 101 Session?

A Home 101 session is a bespoke educational experience aimed at enhancing homeowners’ knowledge and management of their home. Delivered by certified HomePros via video call, it covers: Tailored Home Orientation: Gain comprehensive insights into your home’s layout and functionalities, optimizing your living experience. Emergency Preparedness: Equip yourself with the knowledge to respond promptly and […]

How Does the Complimentary Offer Work?

The homeowner will need to claim your free session by May 15th via the provided link. The homeowner will submit necessary details on the landing page. The homeowner will receive an email to book your session, selectable from slots within 30 days post-possession.

How does Virtual Homecare Consultation work (VHC) session work for Cooperators’ customers?

How to Schedule Your Appointment? After claiming your subscription, you’ll receive a welcome email. Click the button within this email to access the booking page. Your exclusive promo code is automatically applied, so there’s no need to worry about entering it manually or handling payments. Select a date and time for your session that best […]

How HP provides unbiased advice and why it matters to homeowners?

At HomePorter, we prioritize data privacy and customer trust. Our focus when handling customer data is solely on enhancing your experience with us. Rest assured, your information is never shared or sold to third parties. This commitment to transparency and ethical practices forms the basis of our claim that our advice remains unbiased. By putting […]

Can HomePorter access to my camera and microphone after the Session?

No! As soon as the session ends, the digital connection between our platform and your mobile device is broken. This means we no longer have access to the camera or microphone on your mobile device.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my Virtual Home Consultation (VHC)?

To cancel or reschedule your session, please open your calendar invite and look for these options. We kindly ask that you make these changes at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment, if possible.

Is my information secure during a Virtual Home Consultation (VHC)?

Yes, we prioritize your privacy and security. All consultations are conducted over secure, encrypted connections. We adhere to all PIPEDA guidelines to ensure your information is kept confidential.

What equipment do I need for a Virtual Home Consultation (VHC)?

You will need a mobile device with a camera & microphone (like a smartphone or tablet), a stable internet connection, a flashlight, and be physically present in your home.

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