Consultation for Immediate Solutions

Tackle Home Issues with Expert Guidance
Virtual consultations with HomePros to diagnose and solve your specific home issues.

  • Who is it for

    Suited for anyone looking to quickly address problems in their home, ensuring conditions are improved or maintained without incurring unforeseen expenses and repairs.

  • What you get
    • Personalized Expert Consultation
    • Access to Vetted Service Providers
    • Tailored Solutions for Every Budget
    • Preventive Tips
HOME 101
The Ultimate New Homeowner Orientation

The Ultimate New Homeowner Orientation
Empowering new homeowners with essential knowledge and confidence from day one.

  • Who is it for

    Whether you’re a new homeowner or looking to understand your property better, Home 101 provides valuable insights into every aspect of your home.

  • What you get
    • Personalized Home Orientation
    • Emergency Preparedness
    • Preventative Maintenance Education
Insights into Your Home’s Wellbeing

Elevate Your Home’s Condition
A comprehensive evaluation by our HomePros gives you a clear picture of your home’s current state & actionable steps for updates.

  • Who is it for

    Whether you’re adjusting to a new home or looking to maintain and enhance your current one, this service is designed to help you avoid unexpected expenses and repairs.

  • What you get
    • Comprehensive Home Health Score
    • Identified Top Concerns
    • Risk Reduction Recommendations
    • Maintenance and Prevention Guide

Why Choose HomePorter?

Empowerment Through Expertise

Our HomePros are more than just experts in their fields—they’re your personal guides to understanding and improving your home.

Convenience Meets Care

With services accessible from your phone and scheduled to fit your life, getting expert home care advice has never been easier.

Beyond the Session

Our commitment to your homeownership success extends beyond the live session. The detailed report and resources we provide are designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need for the long haul.

Your answer to every home maintenance challenge

Homeowner’s Spring Checklist

As the warmer weather beckons, there’s no better time to freshen up your living space than now. Our comprehensive “Spring Cleaning Home Checklist” will help you ensure every nook and cranny of your residence is in peak condition.

The Comprehensive Guide to Repairing Your Garage Door: From Springs to Openers

Home maintenance encompasses a wide array of tasks, but few can be as simultaneously critical and daunting as repairing a garage door.

Transitioning to Tankless: The Advantages of Switching Your Water Heater

In recent years, the shift towards tankless water heaters has become a notable trend in home improvement and sustainability efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Instant answers so you get all the information you need to ensure a smooth journey towards smart homeownership!

Think of a Virtual HomeCare Consultation as your personal HomeCare hotline! It’s a service designed with you, the homeowner, in mind. With a VHC, you get direct access to our team of vetted home professionals, all through the convenience of a video call.

Whether you have spotted a potential issue in your home, need a general home health check-up, or are looking for some guidance on a do-it-yourself repair, our HomePros are here to help. We’ll provide unbiased, expert advice to help you keep your home in tip-top shape.

Schedule your appointment

If a discount has been made available to you, simply enter the Promo Code in the designated field to reduce the price of the session.

Once your booking has been entered, you will receive an email with an event booking that you can add to your personal calendar.

Don’t worry, we will send you reminders both a day and an hour before your scheduled session

What Happens During the Session?

(1) Launch Session:
At the time of your session, you will receive a text message from HomePorter that includes a link to launch your session. Click the link to cue up the session.

(2) During Session:
You virtually guide our Home Pro within your home to show problem areas identified when booking the session.

We encourage you to prepare questions beforehand; our HomePros are eager to share their expertise.

Enjoy and take full advantage of your session! Your 30-minute VHC session is a chance for our HomePro to conduct a spot diagnosis of any issues in your home, perform a general home health check-up, or guide you through do-it-yourself instructions for any home maintenance problems you might be facing.

(3) After Session
Once your session is complete, we’ll send you a comprehensive report detailing what was covered during the consultation. This report includes step-by-step instructions for suggested next steps.

You will need a mobile device with a camera & microphone (like a smartphone or tablet), a stable internet connection, a flashlight, and be physically present in your home.

Yes, we prioritize your privacy and security. All consultations are conducted over secure, encrypted connections. We adhere to all PIPEDA guidelines to ensure your information is kept confidential.

Get ahead of the work. Proper maintenance will save you thousands of dollars