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“Do I need to replace my windows?”

“No. Windows do not have a best before date. Let’s take a look….”

Our Success Story

Kristian's Journey with HomePorter

Meet Kristian: A homeowner, who was experiencing moisture issues in his windows, had noticed some of his neighbours replacing all of their windows. Concerned about the high cost of wholesale replacements, he knew he needed expert advice and signed up for HomePorter's pilot program. Our HomePro Michelle diagnosed his problem and put his mind at ease - a full replacement would not be required. Changing a couple windows and increasing airflow to all the windows was all that was needed. Kristian followed this home maintenance advice.

He also made a promise to himself never to succumb to the bandwagon effect and to instead seek proper advice from EXPERTS like Michelle.


Our Success Story

Paula’s Journey with HomePorter

Meet Paula: A homeowner who was struggling with a room on the main floor that never seemed to maintain a consistent temperature like the rest of the house. This lingering issue troubled her, but finding time to fix it was difficult. Then a friend recommended HomePorter's free pilot program. Intrigued by the hassle-free and non-intrusive Virtual Homecare experience, she signed up. After careful analysis, HomePro Ron advised ductwork and window maintenance, along with a strategic application of foam insulation, to resolve the issue.

Paula instantly felt relief knowing that this long-standing issue would be cleared from her mental to-do list thanks to HomePorter.


Our Success Story

Sarah's Journey with HomePorter

Meet Sarah: A homeowner troubled by dishes not smelling fresh after wash cycle. Through HomePorter's Virtual Homecare program, she connected with HomePro Alex. He quickly diagnosed a faulty installation, guiding Sarah to correct the drain connection. Alex also educated her on maintaining a high loop in the drain hose for prevention.

Sarah felt relieved and empowered to address the issue, thanks to HomePorter.


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How do I Sign up for HomePorter?

Plans tailored to you

HomePorter Offers 3 Plans for Your Needs

Perfect for advice on specific issues or general home check-ups.

  • Resolve specific problems
  • Address urgent issues
  • Hassle-free advice

Ideal for temporary home maintenance support and sale preparation.

  • Orient homeowner to new home
  • Adjust after Life or Family Event
  • Temporary Insights, Education, Coaching
  • Housewarming Gift

Best for on-going, comprehensive support.

  • Anytime access to expert advice
  • Permanent stress relief
  • Second opinion, any time
  • Permanent solution to adjust following Life or Family Event
  • Gift for Loved Ones

Have a Question?

We have the Answers

Think of a Virtual Homecare Consultation as your personal homecare hotline! It’s a service designed with you, the homeowner, in mind. With a VHC, you get direct access to our team of vetted home professionals, all through the convenience of a video call.

Whether you’ve spotted a potential issue in your home, need a general home health check-up, or are looking for some guidance on a do-it-yourself repair, our HomePros are here to help. We’ll provide unbiased, expert advice to help you keep your home in tip-top shape.

At HomePorter, we believe in providing you with the best. That’s why we ensure all our HomePros are not just certified and licensed home inspectors, but also seasoned professionals with a minimum of 10 years’ experience under their belts.

But we don’t stop there. Each HomePro goes through a rigorous onboarding process where we assess their knowledge and ability to provide clear, valuable advice. This way, we ensure that when you choose a HomePro, you’re choosing a trusted advisor who can help you maintain your home to the highest standards.

Step 1: Sign Up & Schedule
First, sign up for a VHC session here. Once you’ve signed up, we’ll send you an email with a link to schedule your consultation at a time that suits you best. Remember, you’ll need to be at home during this time.

To ensure we are prepared for your session, we ask you to complete a form that provides us with basic information about your home and details about problems or issues you want us to address with our HomePro.

Step 2: What Happens During the Session?
Launch Session:
At the start of your session, you will receive a text message from HomePorter with a link to launch your session.

During Session:
You virtually guide our Home Pro within your home to show problem areas identified in the pre-session survey.

Enjoy and take full advantage of your session! Your 30-minute VHC session is a chance for our HomePro to conduct a spot diagnosis of any issues in your home, perform a general home health check-up, or guide you through do-it-yourself instructions for any home maintenance problems you might be facing.

Step 3: After Your Session
Once your session is complete, we’ll send you a comprehensive report detailing what was covered during the consultation. This report will also include step-by-step instructions for any next steps you need to take.

Opportunity to Provide feedback (Pilot): You will receive an email from HomePorter with a link to a post-session Survey (2-min). Please share your feedback and insights in this Survey, as this helps us to refine our client experience.

You will need a mobile device with a camera and microphone (like a smartphone or tablet), a stable internet connection, and be physically present in your home.

Yes, we prioritize your privacy and security. All consultations are conducted over secure, encrypted connections. We adhere to all PIPEDA guidelines to ensure your information is kept confidential.

To cancel or reschedule your session, please open your calendar invite and look for these options. We kindly ask that you make these changes at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment, if possible.

No! As soon as the session ends, the digital connection between our platform and your mobile device is broken. This means we no longer have access to the camera or microphone on your mobile device.

At HomePorter, we prioritize data privacy and customer trust. Our focus when handling customer data is solely on enhancing your experience with us. Rest assured, your information is never shared or sold to third parties. This commitment to transparency and ethical practices forms the basis of our claim that our advice remains unbiased. By putting your privacy and preferences first, we cultivate a customer-centric relationship, tailoring our services to meet your needs while upholding the highest level of trust and integrity.

Your confidence in us is paramount, and we are dedicated to earning it every step of the way.

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