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Innovative client solutions

Partner with HomePorter to bring groundbreaking home maintenance services to your clients. Our platform sets your business apart, providing a client-focused, tech-forward approach to homeownership. With HomePorter, elevate your value proposition, offering a sophisticated home management solution that addresses the evolving needs of modern homeowners. ​

Client loyalty & satisfaction

Enhance your clients’ homeownership experience by integrating HomePorter’s suite of services. Our offerings are designed to maximize customer satisfaction, fostering loyalty through added convenience and reliability. By partnering with us, you provide a comprehensive home care solution, strengthening your customer relationships and reinforcing your commitment to their long-term satisfaction. ​

Cost efficient home management

Introducing HomePorter’s services streamlines the homeownership experience for your clients, reducing the costs and complexities associated with home maintenance. By offering our tailored solutions, you position your business as an attractive choice for prospective clients looking for an all-inclusive homeownership package, effectively simplifying their journey from property acquisition to ongoing management. ​

HomePorter in the News

HomePorter Raises Capital to Transform the Homeownership Experience

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Toronto-based HomePorter Inc. has secured financing to transform the home maintenance experience in a successful seed round co-led by Co-operators Group and R-LABS.​

Mila partners with HomePorter to improve home services through the use of AI

Toronto, February 27, 2024 — The aim of this partnership will be to develop AI tools to augment virtual home maintenance consultations, and to access Mila’s expertise to expand HomePorter’s AI capabilities.​

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